W hen foreign journalists are working in hostile environments, they often rely on a local (The Fixer) to set up interviews, interpret conversations, and provide links and leads to people and stories. They are an essential tool in the news-gathering process. In this revealing film, director Aaron Rockett follows the journey of freelance journalist Sean Langan and his fixer, Sami Sharaf on the streets of Kabul as they film a story about the country's first all female driving school. Through Sami's journey to bring his family back to Afghanistan from Pakistan after 20 years living as refugees, you learn about his history and see Afghanistan through his translation and eyes.

A Fixer walks a fine line between two very different worlds. They often accept assignments that place them in danger of retaliation from local militias who believe them to be traitors or spies for Western nations.

In this film we see the important relationship that exists between a Western journalist and his local colleague - viewers join in on this journey and gain a better understanding of a world that has been defined by war.

copyright 2008 Aaron Rockett